Chelsie & Nick Maternity

Last weekend I was able to do maternity pictures for a friend from back home! Chelsie & Nick are so photogenic and good looking, their child is sure to be a looker! Chelsie is due in just under a month, but is still moving around amazing for an 8 months pregnant woman! After some of the poses I made her do, she said it will only be fair that I let her do my maternity pics, haha, whenever that is.

I just can’t get enough of these two lovebirds. Love their style. They took some engagement pictures at the Tabernacle here in Rexburg years ago, so we decided to go back to that spot and take some maternity – seems fitting, right? After ones at the Tabernacle, we headed to a local park for a more nature feel.

After finishing up edits, I realized that nearly every single picture I sent them in the preview album was vertical, and every single one they choose are! I don’t think I have ever had this happen before.

I am excited to meet their little bundle of joy, and wishing them a happy and healthy life together!

BlightMaternity_01 BlightMaternity_08 BlightMaternity_09 BlightMaternity_12 BlightMaternity_15 BlightMaternity_17 BlightMaternity_19 BlightMaternity_25 BlightMaternity_31 BlightMaternity_36

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One thought on “Chelsie & Nick Maternity

  1. Hannah Henrikson says:

    LOVE THESE!!!! Super cute!!

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