Natalie 2012

I really enjoy working with models, and typically find I get my best images from them. This image is from back in November, but I’m finally having time to get around to my non-client sessions and do some editing. Enjoy this one with Natalie Peterson!



Newborn Editing!

Today I am doing something a little different on my blog! I am so behind in my 365 project, that I may decide to change it from posting an image everyday, to at least sharing something.

Living in a college town, there are a lot of people who want things done for cheap, cheap, cheap. Heck, I’m one of them! I wanted to share this post to:

1) Help other photographers starting out with a few editing processes.

2)Lend {more} credit to why I charge what I do.

If you’re a photographer, you know there is much more to the final edited images than just the time you are photographing a session. We put in hours of work advertising, booking, planning the session & reviewing details, education & research, choosing locations, gathering props and supplies, the actual session time, reviewing the images and finally editing the favorites! And that is just getting started!

Here’s the final product, but first we have some editing to do!


This consists of a series of 4 images to show different stages in the editing process:

Step One: Original Image Assessment

Here we have the unedited, original image. This image was taken using all natural window light in my home. As you can see, this poor little one has some baby acne, and we need to adjust the levels. We’ll also want to remove any other excessive redness and make her eyes stand out more.


Step Two: Removing Blotches & Blemishes

We start by using the ‘patch tool’ in Photoshop to select areas on the skin that we want to replace. The patch tool allows you to select the specific area and choose which area it is replaced with. Photoshop does a fantastic job at blending the ‘patches’ so there are no hard edges on your selection. Here is the image after using the patch tool to remove the acne and blend the corner on the left top.


Step Three: Skin Smoothing & Levels

For this next image, I used MCP’s Magic Skin Photoshop Action called “Powder Your Nose”. This action of theirs is my FAVORITE skin smoothing action I’ve found so far! You can find it HERE. This action finishes with a black mask where you then use a white brush to reveal the areas you want smoothed. After using the Magic Skin Action, I played with ‘Levels’ & “C&B” to make the image brighter. 

Step Four: Final Touches

Now that we have removed blemishes, smoothed Little L’s skin, and lightened up the image it is time to sharpen the overall image, and her eyes to make them really ‘pop’. It is important to sharpen to taste so that the images do not look unreal. I tend to create a sharpening layer with an opacity of 20-70% for the overall image and then use another sharpening mask just for the eyes so I can make them stand out more.


I hope this helps someone out and thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments!

365 Project: Day 1

This wasn’t originally one of my goals, but I’ve been inspired by so many to give it a try this year. A photo a day, for 365 days. I’ll experiment, I’ll fail, I’ll accomplish, I’ll create, I’ll learn, and in the end, I’ll have  taken something meaningful away from it all – I’m not sure what yet, but I will find it.  And, hopefully, in the process I can help inspire others, while being inspired myself!

Day 1: 1 Thessalonians 5:5 – “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.”