M. Maternity {Rexburg Photographer}

I had the privilege of photographing a fellow photographer. She’s got such a cute baby bump! Thank you Jessica & Eric for such a fun session and letting me drag you to a new location.


MaternityPreview_03 MaternityPreview_07 MaternityPreview_08 MaternityPreview_10 MaternityPreview_14 MaternityPreview_15 MaternityPreview_16 MaternityPreview_17 MaternityPreview_26

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Hyrum Newborn Session {Utah Photographer}

This handsome little boy is my nephew! I was so blessed to be there for his birth (I will blog about that soon!) and a few weeks later I visited their family in Utah to photograph his newborn pictures!


Blog_01 Blog_02 Blog_03 Blog_04 Blog_05  Blog_07 Blog_06Blog_08

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Jensen Family {Rexburg Photographer}

The wonderful Jensen family braved the cold, snow, & wind for their extended family session. They did great!


Jensen2014_02 Jensen2014_06 Jensen2014_07 Jensen2014_09 Jensen2014_10 Jensen2014_12 Jensen2014_13 Jensen2014_14 Jensen2014_16 Jensen2014_17 Jensen2014_18 Jensen2014_19 Jensen2014_20 Jensen2014_22 Jensen2014_23 Jensen2014_24      Jensen2014_45Jensen2014_25Jensen2014_28Jensen2014_29Jensen2014_30Jensen2014_31Jensen2014_32 Jensen2014_35

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Jennifer & Brad Family {Rexburg Photographer}

Loved working with Jennifer & Brad and their families. Everyone was so great! I photographed Olivia’s soccer pictures earlier in the year and was happy to see them again this fall.

JenniferBrad_01 JenniferBrad_02 JenniferBrad_03 JenniferBrad_04 JenniferBrad_05 JenniferBrad_06 JenniferBrad_09 JenniferBrad_10 JenniferBrad_12 JenniferBrad_13


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Cluff Family {Vancouver, WA Photographer}

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family while I was home in Washington for a wedding & to visit family. I used to babysit these kids that are all grown up now, one on a mission too!

Thank you Cluff Family!

CluffFamily2014_07CluffFamily2014_06CluffFamily2014_04CluffFamily2014_05CluffFamily2014_02 CluffFamily2014_13 CluffFamily2014_16 CluffFamily2014_20

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Jubitz Maternity {Rexburg Photographer}

The family is so photogenic and totally braved the Idaho wind to get some fabulous maternity photos at this location. I will be posting little A’s newborn photos here soon as well :)

JubtizMaternity_02 JubtizMaternity_03 JubtizMaternity_06 JubtizMaternity_10 JubtizMaternity_13 JubtizMaternity_15

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Milo Portraits {Rexburg Photographer}

I had the privilege of photographing Milo last fall. He was wonderful to work with and best of all, he specifically was doing it as a gift for his mom! Lucky mom to have a son like that!

Milo_2014_1 Milo_2014_2 Milo_2014_3 Milo_2014_4 Milo_2014_5

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Bartlett Family {St. George Photographer}

Every time I’m in St. George (which isn’t as often as I’d like) I get to hang out with these lovelies. My cousin Shallyn has a most beautiful family. And their kiddos are just too adorable. Ahh I love them!


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Gould Family {Rexburg Photographer}

I loved working with this family! I have had the privilege to photograph Paige a few times, and this fall I photographed the whole family. They are quite photogenic and were a blast to work with.

GOULD_2014_01 GOULD_2014_07 GOULD_2014_16 GOULD_2014_20 GOULD_2014_23 GOULD_2014_29 GOULD_2014_32 GOULD_2014_34 GOULD_2014_37 GOULD_2014_40 GOULD_2014_41 GOULD_2014_45 GOULD_2014_46 GOULD_2014_50 GOULD_2014_52 GOULD_2014_53 GOULD_2014_56 GOULD_2014_59


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Reider {Rexburg Family Photography}

This beautiful family was so awesome to work with! Anne is just amazing, and I was so glad when she contacted me about doing pictures when her daughter came for a visit.  Anne’s gradnson Asher was quite the little charmer and absolutely so adorable. He was SO well behaved and smiled so great for us!!

Thank You Anne, Mike, Jessica, Greg, & Asher :)


ReiderFamily_01 ReiderFamily_02 ReiderFamily_04 ReiderFamily_05 ReiderFamily_07 ReiderFamily_09 ReiderFamily_10 ReiderFamily_12 ReiderFamily_13 ReiderFamily_15


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