Tashina & Chad {Idaho Falls/Blackfoot Engagement Photographer}

So happy that these two have found each other, with a little help from friends! Thank goodness for people who answer promptings to introduce people to one another. So excited for my sister in law and her soon to be hubby. They look so happy together don’t they? Congrats Tashina & Chad on your engagement :) Can’t wait for the wedding next month in Logan, Utah!

We met in Idaho Falls for these pictures, and used two popular areas, Tautphaus Park and Sportsman Park.blog_01 blog_02 blog_03 blog_04 blog_05 blog_06 blog_07 blog_08 blog_09 blog_10 blog_11

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Derek & Kendra {Rexburg Wedding Photographer}

I had the amazing privilege of photographing my cousin’s wedding day in Rexburg! We took bridals a few days before with just Kendra. The wedding day was gorgeous, but a little windy. They had the best reception food too! Thanks Derek & Kendra for having me as your photographer for your special day!

blog_001 blog_002 blog_003 blog_004 blog_005 blog_006 blog_007 blog_008 blog_009 blog_010 blog_011 blog_012 blog_013 blog_014 blog_015 blog_016 blog_017 blog_018 blog_019 blog_020 blog_021 blog_022 blog_023 blog_024 blog_025 blog_026 blog_027 blog_028 blog_029 blog_030 blog_031 blog_032 blog_033 blog_034 blog_035 blog_036 blog_037 blog_038 blog_039

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J & T Engagements

This adorable couple took me all over amazing places they had close to their home town. Such beautiful locations, beautiful people, and beautiful light. Oh it makes me so excited to photograph their wedding day next month! Thank You Jayci & Trey!

TJpreview_48 TJpreview_44 TJpreview_43 TJpreview_40 TJpreview_35 TJpreview_30 TJpreview_27 TJpreview_21 TJpreview_13 TJpreview_02

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Birch Families

I was so privileged to photograph this beautiful family a few weeks ago! I had a wonderful time and glad we captured some images they can cherish forever with their husband, dad & grandpa!

birchpreview_01 birchpreview_02 birchpreview_04 birchpreview_06 birchpreview_10 birchpreview_16 birchpreview_19 birchpreview_12 birchpreview_13 birchpreview_14 birchpreview_20 birchpreview_29 birchpreview_22 birchpreview_23 birchpreview_24 birchpreview_25 birchpreview_26 birchpreview_28  birchpreview_33 birchpreview_34 birchpreview_40birchpreview_36 birchpreview_37  birchpreview_38

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Summer & Fall Session Details & Booking

Summer & Fall Session Details & Booking:

Hey All!

Fall will be here before we know it, and that means that my baby will be too! But not to worry, I will be taking sessions this fall! However, because of where my due date lands, my fall season will be cut a little short for picture taking.  I will also be limiting the amount of sessions I do each month so I don’t get overloaded, and I will have very limited Saturday availability. I have 3 full months of shooting left and that’s about it!

This means it will be very important for you to schedule early if you are wanting a session this fall.

August, September, and October 2015 will be open for bookings, and you can plan ahead and book now.  We don’t have to set specific dates yet, but can get you on the list. If you are getting married in one of these months and have yet to book a photographer, contact me for more info!

November 2015 will be open only as it comes, dependent upon how I’m feeling and how close to my due date we are. I will not be booking weddings past November 7th or any type of session past November 21st (at the latest). I want to make sure I have plenty of time to edit & get all photos back to clients before baby comes. As well as get all that ‘nesting’ done I hear about.

December 2015 is wholly unavailable for any bookings.

January – April 2016 I will be booking based upon how I’m feeling. I will most likely not be booking any weddings during this period of time.

I appreciate all of your support! I can’t wait to hear from you and schedule your session!

To Book:

Email: info@janelleandersen.com

Use the CONTACT tab on my website: http://www.janelleandersen.com

Terance & Paige {Rexburg Wedding Photographer}

In November I got to shoot my brother-in-law’s engagements, then at the end of May I got to photograph them again for their wedding! It rained crazy lots on their wedding day, but we had a sunny bridal session and reveal. Paige made all the bouquets and boutonnieres! Her dress was so stunning as well! Loved their gray & pastel theme. Happy to have been a part of their beautiful day and welcome Paige to the family!



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Ariel & Brock {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Last month I got to photograph this gorgeous wedding! It rained all day, however we still got stunning photos outside! Their venue was perfect for their day! The Memorial House at Memory Grove has a gorgeous indoor atrium feel to part of the house that was perfect for staying out of the rain and provided beautiful lighting along with the backdrop. The rest of the grounds are also stunning and I’m so glad we found some flowers in bloom.

Check out Memorial House website: http://www.memorialhouse-utah.com/

Thank You Ariel & Brock for the privilege of photographing your special day!

web1 web2  web4 web5 web6web3 web7 web8 web9 web10 web11

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Nelson & Gillespie May Wedding {Utah Wedding Photographer}

I was so excited to photograph my cousin’s wedding to her sweetheart! We had such beautiful & warm weather on their wedding day in American Fork, Utah! And their reception center, The Atrium at Western Gardens, was absolutely so gorgeous! Both their families are so great and were wonderful the whole day!

BryanAnne_038 BryanAnne_046 BryanAnne_049 BryanAnne_066 BryanAnne_070 BryanAnne_078 BryanAnne_081 BryanAnne_090 BryanAnne_091 BryanAnne_096 BryanAnne_107 BryanAnne_117 BryanAnne_119 BryanAnne_131 BryanAnne_146 BryanAnne_152 BryanAnne_195 BryanAnne_197 BryanAnne_201 BryanAnne_213 BryanAnne_223 BryanAnne_235 BryanAnne_244 BryanAnne_256 BryanAnne_279 BryanAnne_290 BryanAnne_300 BryanAnne_306 BryanAnne_332 BryanAnne_352 BryanAnne_365 BryanAnne_368 BryanAnne_374 BryanAnne_375 BryanAnne_377 BryanAnne_385 BryanAnne_396 BryanAnne_400 BryanAnne_402

Anne & Bryan {Salt Lake Engagement Photographer}

So excited to finally post pictures of these two cuties, and I can’t wait to photograph their special day this weekend! We got the chance to get together for their session while I was down in Utah for my nephew’s birth. Bryan was in town that weekend too so Valentine’s morning came and we met at the Capital Building before heading to Memorial Grove in SLC. We had great weather for our shoot thank goodness!

Thank You Anne & Bryan for the honor of being your photographer!

AnneBryanEngagements_14AnneBryanEngagements_18 AnneBryanEngagements_24 AnneBryanEngagements_21 AnneBryanEngagements_11 AnneBryanEngagements_08 AnneBryanEngagements_06

Malquist & Halterman Wedding

Congratulations Andrea & Andrew on your wedding! So excited for you both and your families. It was such a beautiful day to start your forever! This beautiful couple was married in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple in Utah surrounded by their family.

The bride & groom photos are my favorite!

pre3blog_001 pre3blog_002 pre3blog_003 pre3blog_004 pre3blog_005

Gorgeous blossoms on all the trees made for a beautiful creamy backdrop.

pre3blog_009 pre3blog_013 pre3blog_017

The reception was held at Northampton House in American Fork, UT. They not only have several gorgeous interior rooms, but also a beautiful outdoor garden party area we used for some of the bride & groom formals and family pictures.

pre3blog_022 pre3blog_024

This whole area made me think of Jane Austen-esque style.

pre3blog_027 pre3blog_029 pre3blog_031

We also hit up the ampitheater which had fabulous rock and greenery.

pre3blog_034 pre3blog_035 pre3blog_036 pre3blog_037 pre3blog_038 pre3blog_039 pre3blog_042 pre3blog_043 pre3blog_045   pre3blog_056pre3blog_054

The reception center did a wonderful job on catering and had a beautiful setup.


This cake was simple and elegant. I will link vendor once I get it.

pre3blog_067 pre3blog_068 pre3blog_070 pre3blog_072 pre3blog_075 pre3blog_077

Classic car decorating:

pre3blog_078 pre3blog_079 pre3blog_080 pre3blog_083 pre3blog_088

Loved how interactive the guests were on the dance floor!

pre3blog_089 pre3blog_090 pre3blog_091

Bouquet toss!

pre3blog_092 pre3blog_093

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