Haley & Kyler {Rexburg, Idaho Wedding Photographer}

Oh how I loved meeting this bride and groom! You can tell they are just so excited to be married!

Their day was a little hectic – I filled in for their wedding photographer who was injured the night before and unable to make it. I am so glad I was able to help out this photographer – and I would hope someone would do the same for me if I was in that position! It makes me super grateful for the great community of photographers we have here, and I will miss if we ever leave! It was kind of crazy going to the temple and not knowing what my bride & groom really looked like – and knowing they didn’t know me at all!

Rexburg decided to snow like crazy that day, but it was a beautiful day!  Haley’s dress was absolutely stunning, and her bridesmaids dresses were so fun! I am a total sucker for the gray suits the guys were sporting, I love how classy they look.

They were total champs dealing with the cold and snow. It was hard to step back and realize that their photographer had already done bridals and I didn’t need to capture very many for them – I just love working with brides and grooms!


Lynn {Rexburg Headshot Photographer}

My dad has been in town for the last week helping my grandpa to re-do the windows in his hand (my dad is super handy that way!). Well we are a family that doesn’t work on Sunday so this past Sunday my dad came up to Rexburg to visit with us and attend church. It was lovely having him with us! He knew I had just signed a contract for a studio and wanted to see it for himself. My stipulation was that he had to model for me. I had made my husband model for me a night or two before, so it was fun using what I’d learned with lighting on my dad. Love his shots! He doesn’t smile often in pictures so I’m glad I snagged one. We all love his smile ❤

I’m so proud to have this man as my dad!

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