Summer & Fall Session Details & Booking

Summer & Fall Session Details & Booking:

Hey All!

Fall will be here before we know it, and that means that my baby will be too! But not to worry, I will be taking sessions this fall! However, because of where my due date lands, my fall season will be cut a little short for picture taking.  I will also be limiting the amount of sessions I do each month so I don’t get overloaded, and I will have very limited Saturday availability. I have 3 full months of shooting left and that’s about it!

This means it will be very important for you to schedule early if you are wanting a session this fall.

August, September, and October 2015 will be open for bookings, and you can plan ahead and book now.  We don’t have to set specific dates yet, but can get you on the list. If you are getting married in one of these months and have yet to book a photographer, contact me for more info!

November 2015 will be open only as it comes, dependent upon how I’m feeling and how close to my due date we are. I will not be booking weddings past November 7th or any type of session past November 21st (at the latest). I want to make sure I have plenty of time to edit & get all photos back to clients before baby comes. As well as get all that ‘nesting’ done I hear about.

December 2015 is wholly unavailable for any bookings.

January – April 2016 I will be booking based upon how I’m feeling. I will most likely not be booking any weddings during this period of time.

I appreciate all of your support! I can’t wait to hear from you and schedule your session!

To Book:


Use the CONTACT tab on my website:


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