Courtney & Bryan {Engagement Photography}

Courtney & Bryan are seriously a stunning couple. It was so easy to take their pictures because they are so photogenic! I met Bryan several years ago while he, my husband, and I all attended the  singles ward together here in Rexburg. You never know where life is going to land you, but I’m grateful that I had this awesome opportunity to meet his stunning gal and take their engagements.  It was so cold, but they powered through it and we got some great shots…

C&BEngagements_02 C&BEngagements_03 C&BEngagements_04


I made this cute banner the night before from Burlap!


And I found this adorable “&” sign at Porters on sale! Whoot. Loved using it (and I’m glad they like it too 😉 )

C&BEngagements_06 C&BEngagements_08 C&BEngagements_13 C&BEngagements_14 C&BEngagements_17

Congrats you two lovebirds! Here is to many, many, many happy years together!

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