World Travelers

So here is the deal. I have been dreaming of a ‘honey moon’ like vacation ever since Ryan and I got married. We didn’t get much of a honey moon since Ryan started school 4 days after we got married. So I started looking around a few weeks ago trying to get an idea of what we could afford, what we wanted to do on our vacation, etc. Ryan was NOT excited about going on a cruise, or laying on a beach all day. And neither was I. We want to do a little adventuring! As we were considering our options, my awesome sister says, “You could come visit us” Ryan and I thought about it, and after a little ‘encouragement’ we’ve decided we are jumping in and will be buying our tickets soon!

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking. Oh awesome. You’re going to go visit your sister for your honeymooning anniversary trip. And yeah, you’re totally right. But, then, you probably don’t know where it is my sister lives. So, without further ado – we are making the trek to:



We are so thrilled and excited! I’ve already been making my list of things we want to do: Zip line through the jungle, tour & photograph the opulent temples, ride an elephant, do some hiking, and yes a little laying on the beach one of the days 🙂  We’ve got lots of other things we want to do as well so we’re crossing our fingers we can get them all planned.

Now to get all those immunizations & the passport!

Watch out world! This is hopefully just the first of many world trips!!


2 thoughts on “World Travelers

  1. Cindy Cheney says:

    That is so awesome! It is going to be a wonderful trip! I’m very excited for you.

  2. Cindy Cheney says:

    Heya Kiddo !! So much fun in the planning. I can see you already have 3 weeks of activities planned for the week that you will be there – but don’t start cutting it back yet. keep the list going and then you will have to naturally constrict the list of what you can do to what time you have and the logistics of location and travel. just keep in mind that hopping from where Candace lives to the temple sites in Bangkok isn’t as close as going to the Rexburg temple and the traffic is a little more frightening — 🙂 Tuk-Tuk-Tuk Dad C

    Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 22:09:10 +0000 To:

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