Cheney Maternity {Rexburg Photographer}

My brother Lance and his family were up for Mandy’s family reunion and we decided to capture some cute maternity and family pictures while they were up. Mandy is such a beautiful pregnant lady, she looks so amazing! And Sterling is so very, very cute. Thank You Cheneys for the great time 🙂

CheneyMaternityblog_01 CheneyMaternityblog_02 CheneyMaternityblog_03 CheneyMaternityblog_04 CheneyMaternityblog_05 CheneyMaternityblog_06 CheneyMaternityblog_07 CheneyMaternityblog_08 CheneyMaternityblog_09 CheneyMaternityblog_10 CheneyMaternityblog_11

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One thought on “Cheney Maternity {Rexburg Photographer}

  1. Candace Ball says:

    Super cute! That little guy is adorable and I can’t believe how big he will be by next summer when we get to see him again! Mandy, you are beautiful as always! Lance, lookin’ good!

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