Corrissa {Birth & Newborn Photography}

Here she is! She is such a beautiful baby! I was so blessed to be a part of her birth and getting to be there for her momma and daddy. They had a wonderful midwife to help deliver   their little bundle of joy!

I arrived at the hospital just after 11pm – we sat up and chatted, eagerly watching the contractions on the monitor and anxiously awaiting her arrival. 20 minutes before 2am I decided to curl up in the chair with a blanket and pillow and we all decided to catch some shut eye. It wasn’t much longer after that that Corrissa decided no one would be getting anything more than a nap! She was born minutes before 3am!

Welcome to the world, lovely Corrissa girl!

CorrissaBirth_04 CorrissaBirth_08 CorrissaBirth_12 CorrissaBirth_15 CorrissaNB_01 CorrissaNB_04 CorrissaNB_09 CorrissaNB_12 CorrissaNB_16 CorrissaNB_20 CorrissaNB_22 CorrissaNB_24 CorrissaNB_30 CorrissaNB_32

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