Shawver {Maternity Session}

My sister in law in gorgeous. Like ridiculously so.  Even at NINE months pregnant, mere days before delivery she was glowing and as beautiful as ever. Love their little family and so happy I got to do these pictures for them. I had a very difficult time choosing which ones to share, they were all so perfect! Hope y’all are ready to be blown away 😉 We had the perfect evening sunset lighting!

SMpreview_003e SMpreview_020e SMpreview_027e SMpreview_033e SMpreview_041e SMpreview_059e SMpreview_075e SMpreview_082e SMpreview_089e SMpreview_094e BLOG1 BLOG3 BLOG5

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2 thoughts on “Shawver {Maternity Session}

  1. Analisa Shawver says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!

  2. Cindy Cheney says:

    Beautiful photos!

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