Potato Patch Shoot-Out {Creative Concept & Models}

On Saturday I had the opportunity to meet with some fellow photographers and participate in a “Shoot Out”. Every other month, members of The Potato Patch plan a shoot out, complete with models, hair, makeup, costuming, and location.  Less than a dozen photographers get to go each time, so I was ecstatic when I was able to sign up for this one – and that it was close to home!

Aly was the person in charge for this shootout, and she did a fabulous job of finding a couple to model a wedding theme, and 3 lovely ladies to model the ‘winter fur’. She is the creative head behind the concept for this session!

Hair & Makeup by: Ariel Lewellen & Kylee Egbert (They did FANTASTIC)

Model: Marijke

JanellePPB_01 JanellePPB_02 JanellePPB_03

Models: CheyAnne & Jordan

JanellePPB_04 JanellePPB_05 JanellePPB_06 JanellePPB_07 JanellePPB_08

Model: Monique N.

JanellePPB_09 JanellePPB_10 JanellePPB_11

Model: Jessica S.

JanellePPB_12 JanellePPB_13 JanellePPB_14 JanellePPB_15


Jessica S.

Monique N.



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