{Outfits} Family Session Style

When I launched my revamped website and new blog, I added a FAQs section. However, I never finished and posted my “What To Wear” Guidelines. The following post has some simple tips you can look over for some ideas, as well as some great examples!

Here are a few tips & tricks for knowing what to wear for your session! There are a lot of easy ways to incorporate a simple theme into clothing choices for each person in the session.


Don’t be afraid to be color coordinated!

Don’t be afraid of color itself.

Choose prints and textures mixed with solids.

Choose a color that each family member can wear.

Example: Notice how the woman has a textured pink shirt on over the white? This adds dimension to any image! She then has a (lightly textured) navy coat with some detail layered over her pink shirt. The collar and buttons lend more interest to the outfit. Then the man is wearing a button up, collared plaid shirt that incorporates all the colors the woman is wearing: navy, pink, & white; which is layered over a plain white tee.


Scenario: Family Pictures for 4: Perhaps your color choice is Teal. Mom wears a teal Scarf with a white shirt and jeans. Dad wears a teal button up shirt with khakis. Their daughter wears jeans and a teal sweater layered over a gray or white tank. Their son wears a gray jacket with teal stripes.  This creates a cohesion within the group without being overly ‘matchy’. Nothing wrong with being ‘matchy-matchy’ if that is the look you want!

Example: This family’s color choices where Red, Navy, & White. Dad has on a navy zip up layered over a white shirt (2 color combo). Son 1 has on a red sweater with navy stripes (2 color combo). Son 2 has on a navy sweater (1 color). Mom has on a white shirt with tan cardigan and a red necklace (3 color combo using 2 of the matching color choices). Daughter is wearing a print dress with each of the colors and has a white & red headband (3 color combo using all three of the matching colors). Her dress could easily have been the starting point of deciding what to wear!



Layer your look! This is a very simple way to change up your outfit within the session time. Choose a basic bottom and top. Use patterns and textures within those two pieces.  It’s easy to photograph part of the session with the first look. To change to the second look, simply add a jacket or sweater, and possibly change your shoes.

Example: Look at how this mom layered herself and her daughters. Daughter 1 is wearing a green shirt with a layered black zip-up sweater, and adds some extra dimension with her necklace. Daughter 2 is wearing a pink shirt layered under a jean jacket (which has buttons and design which is very pleasing to the eye!). Mom is wearing both the green & pink, with her shirt and layered cardigan and is also wearing a subtle necklace.



Jewelry is fine to wear to your session and can add dimension to your outfit. If you choose to wear a necklace, I recommend choosing something that is symmetrical so that you don’t have to worry about it being perfect.

Example: Mom & daughter are wearing all three color choices. Their jewelry is simple but adds color and interest to the outfits. This is one of my favorite example sessions because they have the color combo, layering, and jewelry down pat! The daughter’s necklace is symmetrical, so no worries on whether it is straight or not! While mom’s necklace isn’t symmetrical, it  has enough detail and is heavy enough that it stays where you want it.


Extra Goodies:

And some more fun ones for the heck of it that show some good clothing/color/layer choices! I hope that this helps you when deciding what to wear.

And if all else fails, choose the outfit Mom will wear first (because if Mom doesn’t think she looks good, she won’t think the pictures do either!) and work the rest of the outfits around it.

177661_480492531973460_1101983425_o WTW4 WTW5 WTW6


2 thoughts on “{Outfits} Family Session Style

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    Hey! I would like to pin this to my pinterest board….do yu mind????

  2. Janelle says:

    Absolutely! You totally may! I have it pinned here if you want to just repin, but you’re welcome to pin it separately: http://pinterest.com/pin/497225615079557409/

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