Jenelle {Styled Shoot: Belle}

I have had some ideas circulating through my brain for the past few days and I really wanted to get out and actually try to conceptualize them. So with some sense of what I was looking for, I headed to the local thrift shop and found a sweet dress & belt for $5. I added a cute basket to the bunch for $1, and a few older looking books for $3. Jenelle had the flowers and the white fabric and I brought along the chair and some other props. Jenelle also had these awesome gloves from her grandmother (I think), that we featured in a few.

I knew Jenelle was perfect for this concept because of her beautiful big brown eyes and long dark hair. Her complexion is also pretty perfect and she knows how to work the camera! Thank You Jenelle for your willingness to model and dress up in crazy things!

And now enjoy a bit of the magical world of my interpretation of Belle, literal & no 🙂

Jenelleblog_01      Jenelleblog_09Jenelleblog_02Jenelleblog_03Jenelleblog_08Jenelleblog_04Jenelleblog_05Jenelleblog_06Jenelleblog_07  Jenelleblog_10Jenelleblog_11Jenelleblog_12


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