Friendship & Sisters

It’s winter time, it’s freezing cold outside, and all my close childhood friends have moved to other states. It’s hard for me to make new friends. Not because people out there aren’t awesome- they are. But I hate feeling like a burden. Many of the women around me are in a different stage of their life. They have children, are pregnant, or live far away. I know I shouldn’t let those factors affect my friendship with them, but it is ALOT harder to call up someone who I’m beginning a friendship with and invite them on a Walmart or D.I. run. I never hesitated inviting my best girls along, even with their kiddos, because we were already bonded and our friendship was strong. I never worried, “What are they going to think when I invite them to go to Walmart as bonding time?” And usually, we’d call each other when we’re already in the car to go pick them up!

What can I say? I love to shop, much to my husband’s dismay.

So when my sister-in-law moved up to Rexburg to begin hair school, I was anxious and relieved. I am so excited to have her much closer so that we can bond more and build our friendship. I don’t have to worry about babies, or husbands, or other ‘barriers’. Instead, I get to focus on the time we spend together being goofy. Because sometimes, all you need is some girl time.

I expressed to Ryan that Tashina was just what I needed this winter. He expressed his gratitude that I get along with his sisters so well. My in laws are wonderful. And just what I need when my own family and closest friends are so far away.

Thank goodness for this crazy, outrageous, goofy girl that I love and am so grateful to have her close!

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  1. I have entered your giveaway, shared your fb page on my wall, liked the giveaway, and liked your FB PAGE! Thanks!

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