The calming affect of friends & horses

Tonight I was desperately missing my loved ones back home and across the country, particularly some of my best friends who always know what to say!  I got the sweetest text tonight from one of them when I needed it most.

“Just read your blog post {the one I posted earlier today}. LOVE IT. Jo, you are so amazing and so talented. I love you so much and I am so lucky to call you my friend! YOU ARE AMAZING. Love you.”

Sometimes when the storm is raging around us and within us, we just need the calming influence of a loving friend.

And with that, some horse pictures. No, the two topics really aren’t related, but I found a calming influence in editing tonight as well. It was amazingly calming and refreshing. And I realized I desperately need to get out and shoot some more pictures, and go riding!

I believe that next to humans, horses are some of the most beautiful creatures that God created. My heaven will be filled with them.


The following image was edited using a texture from Jessica Drossin Textures. The image on the left is the original, SOOC (Straight out of Camera) image. The Image to the right I added a texture and did some other editing with.


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