Allyn Family, 2013

These three ladies were my first family session of the new year! I had a great time seeing my former high school teacher & friend, Toni, and meeting her beautiful girls.  Even the girls’ cousin joined us for a few ‘cousin’ pictures (last picture in the post). Toni has always been a great supporter of my photography and encouraging me to pursue it, I am so grateful for her kind words throughout the years in all forms! She was & remains a wonderful teacher.

Toni is also a fellow Photog and is AMAZINGGGG! Her focus is more towards macro and landscape photography, and I love checking out what she is up to. Currently, Toni is working on a 365 project (which reminds me I need to get my butt and gear and catch up on mine!), which you can find here:

Check’em Out! Janelle’s Facebook, Website, Pinterest




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