Morgan {Senior Portraits}

I was so excited when Morgan told me she would be bringing a dune bike out with her. I love working with props and including senior’s hobbies in their sessions! We headed out the the dunes first while the sun was still low, well, lower in the sky. It was a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous blue skies but boy was it cold! Someday Rexburg will realize it is springtime here!

Morgan2014Senior_01 Morgan2014Senior_04 Morgan2014Senior_11 Morgan2014Senior_14 Morgan2014Senior_19 Morgan2014Senior_20 Morgan2014Senior_23

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Courtney & Bryan {Bridals & Groomals} Rexburg

So blessed to have done this couples engagements and bridals and groomals. Just loved working with them! They have an awesome sense of humor and were just so dang cute and photogenic. Congrats on your big day today! Wishing you so so so many years of a wonderful life together. Here is to the beginning of your forever <3


FormalWedding_012 FormalWedding_017 FormalWedding_007FormalWedding_001FormalWedding_024  FormalWedding_030 FormalWedding_036     FormalWedding_076 FormalWedding_044FormalWedding_054FormalWedding_072FormalWedding_084 FormalWedding_069FormalWedding_086

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B. Family {Rexburg Photography}

I have loved getting to photograph this family! Since I’ve known them I’ve gotten to do Bridals, gender reveal, maternity, and now family pictures. They are so fun and wonderful to work with and their little miss Annabelle is absolutely so gorgeous.

I am not really doing ‘newborn’ sessions anymore, but still love doing these ‘lifestyle’ sessions in client’s homes. They’re comfortable in their own space and its so relaxed :)

Barney2014_03 Barney2014_05 Barney2014_06 Barney2014_09 Barney2014_10 Barney2014_11 Barney2014_12 Barney2014_14 Barney2014_15 Barney2014_16

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P. Family {Rexburg Photographer}

This family was so adorable to work with. With the little one only being a few months old, we wanted to make sure we had an indoor space.  They are so so cute! Thank You P. Family for allowing me this opportunity, and thank you Joe for all of your help moving us into our new apartment.


I always feel it is so important to get a picture of the parents, just the two of them!


Loved her cute personality!


Seriously adorable children!

Palmer2014_13 Palmer2014_18 Palmer2014_29

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A. Family {Couple Sessions Photography}

This gorgeous couple is one of my fellow church members, and they are so awesome! It was so, so, SO cold the morning we did their session but they were troopers about it!


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Daviana College Grad {Portrait Photography}

Daviana is one of those girls that is just gorgeous no matter what! I swear, it ain’t fair! We just grabbed a couple shots for her graduation announcement. She’s a fun gal and wanted to make sure that came across in her photos. I think we did alright ;)

Daviana_1 Daviana_2 Daviana_3

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Courtney & Bryan {Engagement Photography}

Courtney & Bryan are seriously a stunning couple. It was so easy to take their pictures because they are so photogenic! I met Bryan several years ago while he, my husband, and I all attended the  singles ward together here in Rexburg. You never know where life is going to land you, but I’m grateful that I had this awesome opportunity to meet his stunning gal and take their engagements.  It was so cold, but they powered through it and we got some great shots…

C&BEngagements_02 C&BEngagements_03 C&BEngagements_04


I made this cute banner the night before from Burlap!


And I found this adorable “&” sign at Porters on sale! Whoot. Loved using it (and I’m glad they like it too ;) )

C&BEngagements_06 C&BEngagements_08 C&BEngagements_13 C&BEngagements_14 C&BEngagements_17

Congrats you two lovebirds! Here is to many, many, many happy years together!

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Marissa -Winter Senior Portraits {Rexburg Photography}

The third installment of Marissa’s Senior pictures – WINTER! It was cold and sunny and a little windy for us, but we got some stunning shots.


MARwinter_02 MARwinter_04 MARwinter_10 MARwinter_12 MARwinter_15 MARwinter_16 MARwinter_17 MARwinter_20 MARwinter_22

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Meagan H. {Maternity}

This little lady came for a visit and we had a blast! Loved using the wings again and trying out something new with the wrap. Thanks Meagan for this opportunity :)

MMaternity_01 MMaternity_04 MMaternity_08 MMaternity_11 MMaternity_13

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Richard & Angela {Wedding}

Finally getting around to blogging these after a few months! They are such a cute couple and had so many loved ones surrounding them on their wedding day.


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