Woodhouse Family {Idaho Falls Photographer}

I met the gorgeous Woodhouse family while photographing Hannah & Zoey’s soccer team pictures earlier this year. I had the opportunity to photograph their team again this fall, and their family :) Loved working with this entire family, they each are amazing and I loved their outfits!


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Lori – Portraits {Rexburg & Blackfoot Photographer}

I had the gorgeous Lori in my studio for the Women in Uniform project I am working on. She is so lovely and I had a wonderful time working with her. I will be doing a separate post for the Women in Uniform series soon, but for now, here is her looking stunning in a vintage outfit and a few others :)

LORI_2blog LORI_3blog LORI_4blog LORI_5blog LORI_6blogLWIUPre42eblog

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Utah Roomies

I photographed my beautiful friend Hannah & her roommates/best girl friends this last weekend. I had a great time with them! We went up to Little Cottonwood Canyon, and even though it was rainy and cold for our session, they still totally rocked it!


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Jensen Family {Rexburg Family Photography}

Oh my goodness this little family was so lively, and awesome to work with! Those little boys have such energy! We played binkie toss with their toddler to get him to smile and I got to snuggle a newborn while my husband and the boys ran around. I love photographing families in the BYU-Idaho gardens because there are so many spots we can use and it usually has fantastic lighting. So glad the rain stopped for us last night so we could spend some time together. Enjoy the photos from the Jensen family. Loved photographing them all :)


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Stacy {Rexburg Portrait Photography}

I had my beautiful cousin Stacy in the studio and we had such an awesome time. She looks amazing!! Love her! She is a business owner, a wife, a mother, and just fabulous :) She brought 2 of her Mary Kay Seminar dresses and her Mary Kay Director suit and a more everyday outfit as well – which she looks amazing in all of them.

Stacy2014_01 Stacy2014_04 Stacy2014_09 Stacy2014_14 Stacy2014_20 Stacy2014_22 Stacy2014_27 Stacy2014_28

Anderson Wedding {St. George, Utah Wedding Photography}

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing my handsome grandfather’s wedding to his beautiful bride. It was a whirlwind weekend that was much too short, but it was great to see family and celebrate this occassion! I love the red rocks & dirt of St. George. I felt like I could photograph in that location for ages!


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Megan – Portraits {Rexburg Photography}

Last week I worked with this gorgeous gal. Megan was so fun to work with and has an amazing spunky personality. She is so easy to talk to! Tonight I met up with her again to show her her images with my makeshift ‘reveal wall’ – which gives clients a personalized viewing experience. Soon I hope to have a legit one, but until then, this worked. She took several prints home with her! Thank you Megan, you are awesome :)


Megan_04 Megan_07 Megan_08 Megan_13 Megan_17 Megan_19 Megan_21 Megan_23 Megan_25

Andersen Family {Blackfoot Family Photography}

My cute Andersen Family :) Sure do love them! I have the bestest inlaws!


Exist in photos

I’m a huge believer in family pictures – taken OFTEN – I grew up with my dad posing us, setting the timer on the camera and then making a run for it to get in the picture. I love that we have those photos and I’m dedicated to doing the same for my family. I just got our new family photos printed and put on my wall. I can’t decide whether to change out the wedding picture or not, so for now it stays.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to leave behind for my family and for others. And I’ve decided that it is to EXIST IN PHOTOS. I want each family in the world to have a beautiful portrait of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, siblings and so on! How will your kids remember you? Will they be able to look back at photos of you together, or where you always the one behind the camera because you were too scared to get in front of it?

My plea to women out there is to not wait until you lose the extra pounds, or get a new haircut, or blah blah blah. There will always be an excuse. but, sometimes we don’t get second chances and pictures are all we’ll have left. You can’t go back in time and take a photo of that moment. So take those pictures. In the moment, in front of the camera instead of always behind the lense (or Camera phone). Exist in photos for your children, exist in photos WITH your children. Because you are beautiful – and your children love you the way you are <3 And, so does the rest of your family!

Jason & Elise {Rexburg Engagement Photographer}

This is my awesome brother-in-law and his sweet bride to be. We had all gone camping as a family the week before and I was reminded of this beautiful location.  I am so glad they were good with using it! The photos turned out great :)

Jason&Elise_03 Jason&Elise_05 Jason&Elise_07 Jason&Elise_09 Jason&Elise_13 Jason&Elise_17 Jason&Elise_18

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